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Why Get Instrument Rated?

There will come a time in your flying journey that the weather will be just poor enough that a flight can not be completed under visual flight rules. Adding an Instrument Rating to your Private Pilot Certificate can help you be less bound by weather, meaning less cancelled trips.

• Instrument training course is approved by the FAA under Part 141.
• Train both inflight and in our Diamond Flight Simulator.
• Custom programs can be created at a potentially lower cost if you already have some cross-country pilot in command and/or instrument time.

  • Cloud CLOUDS
  • Bad Weather BAD WEATHER
  • Fog FOG
DA40 Fog

Don’t Get Derailed by the Clouds

Complete our accelerated Part 141 course and get your instrument rating in as little as 10 days. We also offer a Part 61 finish-up course.

Course cost: $14,500

Private Pilot
Private Pilot Flying

Looking for the Next Step?

What comes after your Instrument Rating? You may consider you Multi-Engine Rating so you can fly larger, faster aircraft. You might also consider getting your Commercial License, allowing you to get paid to fly.

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Talk to a Training Advisor

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