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Private Pilot

We only offer full-time (5-6 days per week, 8 hours per day) training to earn your Private Pilot Certificate. Earning your Private Pilot Certificate will allow you to fly with friends, family, or colleagues in VFR conditions. No prior knowledge or experience is required to begin your flight training with Blue Line. Below is an overview of your journey to becoming a private pilot.

Course cost: $17,000


Basic Requirements

Diamond Simulator1

Looking for the Next Step?

You can fly just about anywhere with your Private Pilot’s Certificate. To fly in low visibility conditions you might go on to earn your Instrument Rating. You can also add your multi-engine rating to fly faster, larger planes.


Our membership program, Club Blue, lowers training costs for students and gives members access
to the Blue Line fleet for personal travel. Those who are not students can be members too. Check out the perks of every tier.

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Talk to a Training Advisor

Want to explore starting your flight training or career track in aviation? Use the form below and one of our Training Advisors will contact you to answer any of your questions.