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Realize Your Dream

To Be A Professional Pilot

Is your ambition to be a professional pilot? Our bachelor’s degree in professional flight prepares you with a broad knowledge of the aviation industry and offers all your non-flight courses 100% online.

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Flight School Financing

Blue Line has financing options available for the Career Pilot Program! Our flight school financing covers:

– Career Pilot Program

– Housing

– Test Fees

– Training Supplies

– And More!!

Follow the link below for more information on each financing option!


Blue Line Aviation houses an internal maintenance company, Blue Line Technical Services, making safety its top priority. An internal maintenance team ensures our planes are safe and available for our students.

Check out the flight school fleet…

Diamond DA42-VI

The Diamond DA42-VI features FADEC controlled Austro Turbo Diesel engines,G1000 NXi avionics, GFC 700 autopilot, synthetic vision, air conditioning, and more! It is simply a beautiful, comfortable flying experience!

Diamond DA40 NG

The Diamond DA40 NG seats four people while cruising over 140 KTAS! Designed with safety in mind, this Technologically Advanced Aircraft features composite construction, a passenger airbag system, G1000 NXi avionics with integrated autopilot and synthetic vision, and air conditioning.

Diamond DA20

Diamond Aircraft describes their sleek, high-performance DA-20 as “taking your favorite sports car and adding wings”. We couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing sluggish about this exciting little two-seater that feels as good in the air as it looks on the ground. Durable, responsive, and economical, the DA-20 is a much-loved part of our fleet.

Piper Archer TX

The Piper Archer TX is a versatile and reliable aircraft, well-suited for training. Powered by a robust Lycoming IO-360-B4M engine, it offers exceptional performance and efficiency. Equipped with Garmin G1000 avionics, the Archer TX ensures a modern and intuitive cockpit experience. With its spacious cabin, comfortable seating, and advanced safety features, the Archer TX provides an enjoyable and secure environment for pilots and passengers alike. Whether you're embarking on your first solo flight or working towards your Commercial certificate, the Piper Archer TX delivers a smooth and rewarding flying experience.

Club Blue lowers training costs for students and gives members access to the Blue Line fleet for personal travel.

See what our students think

Blue Line Aviation is a wonderful organization! We bought a new DA62 and completed ME training with them in our aircraft. I’d like to especially thank Matt Stem for his professionalism, knowledge and patience during this time. A great instructor! A top-notch outfit I would not hesitate to use again.
- Dave V.
Great CFI program, had my checkride on my 10th day. They really prepare you to be a good CFI. Make sure you do the prep work before you come. Definitely helped. Structured program with great instructors. Especially Nate, he did a great job!
- Bill O.
Excellent school. I chose Blue Line based on other reviews as well as location. As someone training for an airline, I appreciated flying out of RDU as I got an opportunity to work with ATC a little more. The instructors were all top-notch and very knowledgeable. The facilities were all great and the aircraft were well taken care of. The corporate apartment I used was very nice, large and clean. I would definitely recommend Blue Line without hesitation.
- Danial M.
Blue Line Aviation met and exceeded my expectations. They have completely changed my viewpoint on how flight training is supposed to be after a few bad experiences with other schools. Being from California I made the decision to go across the country to finish my CFI training with Blue Line after talking to friends who went over there as well (Now instructors at Blue Line).
- Steve U.
They take accelerated course as a challenge and do their part to fulfill your goals. Top notch training from professionals who care about your success.
- Kimberly M.

Special Feature

Watch Our Story On PBS

We are privileged to be featured on VIEWPOINT with Dennis Quaid airing in June this year. Hear more about our program and the vision that keeps us in the air training the next generation of expert pilots. Tune in to a public station near you.

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