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Take One Or More FAA Knowledge Tests Before Starting Career Pilot Program

If you want to give yourself a competitive advantage before starting the Airline Career Pilot Program, Blue Line strongly recommends that students finish all their FAA Airman Knowledge Tests prior to program commencement. You can easily do this with prep software specifically designed for these tests. The tests includes multiple-choice questions pulled from an established database. With the right prep software you should be able to get great results before you start one-on-one training sessions with our experienced flight instructors.

Preparing for Knowledge Tests

Students should first complete the required tests before starting at Blue Line, then prepare and practice for airman guided independent study. Completing the online King Courses will give you the endorsements and knowledge to take (and pass) the tests. King Courses guarantees that you will pass. 


The Private Pilot, Instrument, and Commercial Pilot each require an endorsement from a certificated flight, knowledge tests, or ground instructor confirming that you are ready to take the test. You will get this endorsement by taking the written King Courses test after you complete the individual course, take the 3 practice tests, and score over a 70%. Blue Line does not recommend taking the test until you are scoring in the 90s and above each time.

Knowledge Tests Requiring an Endorsement 

  • Private Pilot Airplane (PAR)  (Required before your start date if you are starting in the private academy)
  • Instrument Rating Airplane (IRA)  (Required before your start date if you are starting in the instrument academy, i.e, already have your Private Certificate)
  • Commercial Pilot Airplane (CAX) 

Knowledge Tests Not Requiring an Endorsement 

  • Fundamentals of Instructing (FOI)
  • Flight Instructor Airplane (FIA)
  • Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane (FII)

These will need to be completed before beginning the CFI Academy. The FII question bank is very similar to the instrument test so we recommend students take it the following day even if it will be some time before their CFI training. Similarly, the FIA question bank closely resembles the commercial written.

Optional Knowledge Tests

  • Ground Instructor (Advanced) (AGI)
  • Ground Instructor Instrument (IGI)

These tests are not included in the program because they are optional. They are available for those who are interested in becoming a Gold Seal CFI. Students can take both of these written tests for $150 per test. 

Register in IACRA Before Scheduling

The first step in completing an FAA knowledge test starts with creating an IACRA account and obtaining an FAA Tracking Number (FTN). 
1. Visit iacra.faa.gov  and click the ‘Register’ link in the upper right. 
2. Check the ‘Applicant’ checkbox and agree to the terms of service to continue. 
3. Fill in your personal information. If you do not have an airman certificate, leave the ‘Airman Certificate Number’ and ‘Date of Issuance’ fields blank. 
4. Submit the form by clicking ‘Register’ at the bottom. The system will generate a FTN number. Save this number and bring it with you when you take your knowledge tests. 

Scheduling the Test

FAA knowledge testing centers are located across the country, including at Blue Line Aviation. You can schedule your test by visiting the PSI website. Reminder: test results are valid for twenty-four months, so don't take them too early. 


Taking the test before your class date removes a possible source of program delays, and allows you to focus on your knowledge tests flight and ground training. As an added incentive, if you complete the Private, Instrument, and Commercial tests prior to your class date, Blue Line will also reimburse you for a 1-year subscription to ForeFlight Basic (required during the program ) — $80 value!  

Frequently Asked Questions

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